The Night and the City

Every so often, my cousin and I will grab our cameras and head off to a (hopefully) photogenic locale.  For this outing we chose the east side of the Portland esplanade.  I arrived a little early and decided to wander around a bit.

A few blocks away, I found a store with all these painted dummies on the roof.

As the sun was setting, we headed down to one of the boat docks to take some long exposure shots of the city lights.  These three pictures are in chronological order.  The sun had already set when I took these to the naked eye, the sky was black.  However, the slow shutter speed I was using (around 10 sec) allowed my camera to catch those last bits of light.  The long exposure is also why the water looks so silky.  What you’re seeing is actually the motion blur of the rolling river… calm as it was that night.

From disapointment to discovery…

Score this under "Good idea at the time"
This past June, I went to the coast for a weekend.  It was my first time going tent camping in a looong time.  Seems I am a little out of practice as all my years of experience and wisdom have since been replaced by hubris and folly.  Case in point, that’s my tent under that tarp.  It’s a pop up tent like those used in the movie Congo.  Something I acquired as a kid.  It worked great when I got it.  Of course, I was much shorter back then too.  Needless to say I didn’t sleep well that night.  I made a go of it though, not really having much choice in the matter, but around 4am I retreated to the relative comfort of my car.
After a whole two hours sleeping in the passenger seat (which is actually quite comfy) I got myself up, showered, packed and headed on down the road towards Newport.  I’d never been down there that early in the morning.  Turns out it’s a great time for photos.  The town is just waking up, the wildlife is foraging for breakfast, and the tourists are still in bed.  This is what I found on my wanderings before meeting my folks for an early lunch at Mo’s.
The Rouge Brewery building. Sadly, they were not open.
... but the Oregon Coast Aquarium was. This little guy's from their current rotating exhibit.
One of my favorite new discoveries - the pier on the south side of the Newport bridge.
If this little guy looks familiar, it's because there's another picture of him else where in my portfolio... sharing an ice cream with Inga.
There are bits of art etched into the cement all up and down the sidewalk in old town Newport. This one is out front of Saffron Salmon.
Some old bouyes that hang over the patio of a local restaurant. There are SO many more across the front of the building.


I did it!

After a few months of hemming and hawing I have finally added a blog to my website.  Still learning how to use this thing, so please forgive the inevitable bumps and jarring as I get the puppy started.

Now…. where do I begin….

Since I’m a photographer, how about I start by adding a photo?

Way back in my college newspaper days, I ended a column with a picture of a squirrel.  How about I do that again.  This time, with an alligator… a crocodile, I didn’t actually read the sign.

Here's looking at you, lunch!

The words behind the pictures