Staying In Character

I did my first official CosPlay shoot a few weeks back with Nikki.  Of all the costumes she brought to the shoot, Tank Girl was the only character I had even a passing familiarity with.  This is my favorite from that set.  I may take a second pass at it and use Photoshop to “grunge-up” the look a bit, but this works for now.  🙂

Tank Girl

Hearts Trump All

My favorite part of these shoots is the “Kiss Me” heart.  When I can see the model hesitating on how to pose next I offer up, “Make a face like a 6 years old that’s been told to give their grandma a big kiss.”  The results are always fun and are usually followed by a big smile.

Happy Valentine Day, everyone!

It’s a wrap!!

As 2013 comes to an end, I finally found time to update my blog.  Here are images from this year’s Christmas sessions.

The models, as always, were awesome. The tape holding the wrapping paper in place however…. let’s just say it is good that photographs are a slice of time.  😉

Happy Merry Whatever and we’ll see you in 2014.

Somthing strange in the neighborhood….

Of all the shoots I scheduled for my “Ghost Chasers” series, only one actually came to pass.  Mostly, because I had the grand idea of shooting this in the woods, so they were all called on account of weather (I know, I know, but the weather was actually still decent when we scheduled these shoots).

For the last one I dropped the whole “going outside” aspect and came up with an in studio Plan B.  Actually, having seen the results, this will probably be Plan A in 2014(with a few tweaks).


Happy Halloween!!

Wabbit Season!!

I only got the chance to do a couple Easter themed shoots this year. 

These represent an evolution in my lighting design.  With my current collection of lights and modifiers I have a whole new level of options available.  The Peeps set were shot with just a simple overhead softbox.  The Bunny sets were far more invovled.  I had two speedlight racking across the back wall, one overhead in a soft box to light theface and upper body, and one on the floor in an umbrella to act as fill.

The words behind the pictures