Work in Progress

You have questions, I have answers.  This is where the two meet.

Q: Why do many of your pages start with “Work in Progress”?

A: Because that’s what they are.  My studio is my hobby.  One I take very seriously, but still it is just a hobby.  As such, I don’t always have the time I need/want to make this the fully formed website I have envisioned.  Right now it’s mostly a frame work of the structure that will slowly be filled in as time moves on.

Q: What styles of photography do you shoot?

A: I play around with many styles, but I tend to graviate towards Portraiture with a focus on Character, Beauty and Pin-up.  In the near future, I’d like to do more Fashion and Cosplay shoots, and maybe even give Light Painting a try.

Q: Where are you located?

A: My home studio is located in the Orchards area of Vancouver, WA.  For you out of town folk, that’s the area on the east side of I-205, just north of SR-500.

Q: Does “home studio” meet you shoot out of your residence?

A: Yes. Since I’m just a professional hobbiest, I cannot justify renting a seperate studio.  Thankfully, my apartment has a large main room with vaulted ceilings.  This allows me a 15×20 area that serves my purposes nicely.

Q: How much do you charge per shoot?

A: It depends.  If I’m shooting on commision it varries, but my price isn’t anything near high.  I’m in this more for the fun and the art than the money.  However, being able to justify what I’ve shelled out for my gear is always a good thing.  Most of my work is on a TFDigital basis.

Q: What is TFDigital?

A: The “TF” part means “Time For…” and the “DIgital” means I provide digital (edited) copies of the images.  “TF” shoots are a common practice amoung creative types.  It means that nobody is paying anybody for the shoot.  Instead, all parties invovled are able to use the images produced in their various portfolios.  No one makes money directly from these images.  They are usually used as personal promotion in effort to gain further work.  Think of it as some musicians getting together to riff.  It’s mostly for practice, but could lead to something further.

Q: How do you do TFDigital?

A: From what I hear, I’m pretty genrous in my TFDigital results.  I usually edit 2-4 images from each set we do.  SInce I like to maximize the time by shooting multiple sets with various themes/looks the end result averages in the 25 total area.


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