Going retro with Aimee

I’m a fan of classic Hollywood and retro Pin-up.  Recently, I’ve been on a kick to try to closely recreate that look using modern means.  I know it can be done, the trick is figuring out how to recreate it with the tools and knowledge at my disposal.  Looks like I’m off to a pretty good start.

A lot of the credit for the success of this shoot goes to the very talented model.  Aimee was, as always, very patient while I fiddled with light angles and settings.  Since I was using directed lighting instead of broad lighting there was a lot of minor adjustments involved (my perfectionist OCD didn’t help either).  Once everything was ready, Aimee took my scant outline of the theme and brought it to life with her own little touches.  The yelling into the phone was all her.  🙂


Aimee-0009 Aimee-0070 Aimee-0162 Aimee-0199 Aimee-0230

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